Excellence and efficiency in Health Care Estates

Our Health sector experience spans both commercial 3rd party delivery and direct self-delivery. Irrespective of the client, commercial or public sector, we have the skills and experience to provide bespoke solutions to ensure enduring outcomes.

While each of our engagements is developed to meet the exacting need of the client, we base our proposals on a set of key facets we believe to be essential foundations of any successful project. There are 2 golden rules which we will not waiver;

  1. Our engagements will only serve to support or enhance Patient outcomes.
  2. The safety of the individual or the Health environment users will not be compromised through our activity.

We have no desire to body shop solutions, there are plenty of other organisations who will happily do that for you. Truly understanding our clients’ needs and the unique challenges they face is key to successful outcomes. When faced with complex Estates, Engineering, Capital Project and Energy Management challenges our team have a track record of identifying the root cause of the issue quickly and developing enduring solutions that gains buy-in at both Executive and Shopfloor levels; being able to bring meaning to a course of action at all levels is essential in sustaining benefit.

We don’t view our involvement in your organisation as a simple transaction, we work better as part of a naturally inclusive team, your success is our success and our passion for that success drives the way we communicate and develop effective professional relationships at all levels.

Our team aren’t career consultants, we have come together after years of deep operational and strategic experience and therefore, our solutions are influenced by living through and owning positive and negative outcomes.

Case study 1.

A very large London Foundation Trust found its Estates and Engineering function to be under performing and needed help in transforming delivery to provide an environment where world leading medical work could continue with the best possible outcomes.

  • A rapid assessment of the Estate and Function was conducted, which highlighted a number of issue the Board and Executive were not previously aware, including statutory compliance shortfalls, financial inefficiencies through poor delivery and inappropriate staffing, skills gaps and culture. In addition, capital investment plans were poorly structured, failing to accurately articulate risk and missing the opportunity to deliver enduring Opex/Revenue savings through investment in appropriate energy efficiency schemes. The findings were presented to the Executive in a way that simplified the complex and immediately gained sponsorship to develop a recovery plan.
  • A comprehensive transformation programme was developed by our team, which we then lead through an imbedded individual. Initial momentum was gained and the foundations were set to allow successful transition to organic ownership and leadership of enduring improvement.
  • Our team successfully disengaged from leadership of the programme and at the request of the Trust Executive maintains periodic oversight and reporting responsibilities to provide independent assurance of progress against the agreed plan.
  • In delivering the transformation, the Trust recognised the need for an initial Capital investment to enable long term Opex/Revenue savings. Delivered via business cases this included work to understand the Estate asset base, improve safety, establish safe systems of work, improve maintenance regimes, KPI and success measurement, workforce restructure, changing self-delivery/ contractor delivered work ratios, renegotiating supplier contracts and resolving long term infrastructure issues such as water management and fire safety, reducing both risk and operational costs associated with long term temporary mitigation measures.   

Case study 2.

A separate very large London NHS Foundation Trust required independent due diligence on a separate Large NHS Foundation Trust in view of conducting a merger. Our team member was able to provide a comprehensive objective view of the performance of the Estates and Capital function. The due diligence was conducted via site visits, extensive staff interviews and desk top review of policy, procedures and records.

  • Culture
  • Estates plan
  • Capital Planning
  • Revenue budget
  • Asset and maintenance Management System
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Manpower and Resourcing
  • Health Technical Memorandum Compliance
  • Infrastructure and Fabric
  • Carbon and Energy
  • Grounds Maintenance

The client also requested a confidential subjective view on the Estates staff capability and likely cultural challenges in the initial stages of the merger.

In addition to providing a comprehensive evidenced report, a risk and opportunity register was developed, highlighting operational and financial risks associated with the physical estate and Estates and Capital delivery along with potential opportunities to improve financial efficiencies.

Case Study 3.

A Health PFI maintenance provider engaged us to provide an assessment of the Technical and behavioural competencies of their Engineering and Trade staff at a key hospital account. Initially we supported the PFI provider with a comprehensive set of role specific job descriptions, benchmarked on industry leading practice.  Using bespoke assessment tests, developed against the Engineering Council competency framework and our own competency expectations we were able to provide the client with an objective view of technical competence and knowledge for each staff member. We were also engaged to interview each staff member, which allowed a subjective view of behavioural competency and potential.  The outcome of our engagement allowed the client to identify training needs and develop an effective succession plan.        

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