Command Centres for Smarter Buildings

Smart Infrastructure, Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Home; the UK industrial strategy is rapidly developing the smarts for a smart world. The service sector remains an untapped well of inefficiency. The world’s leading companies are looking to exploit this – Microsoft, Google, IBM, Fujitsu, Intel but they just do not have a field force where it really counts.

The Command Centre is the operationalisation of Smart Buildings for building operators; both clients operating in a building and their outsourced FM provision. How we get there is tough but with commitment and partnership it is within reach.

The Smart evolution will move the building unit to higher level in Maslow’s hierarchy; from shelter and security to something higher up and possibly into self-actualisation! Just as we have seen the internet and Smart phones enable so much of our lives the building will do it next. Wearables are proving to be awesome in assisting our lives; the next leap forward will come from the human interaction with their buildings. Value is being created and opportunity is there for someone who has teams deployed in the built environment every day.

To access the full paper – Command Centres for smarter buildings

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